Coldfinger Extraction

The original steam-solvent extraction method Eden Labs was built on, our Coldfinger™ distillation units continue to be a proud centerpiece of our company.
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The Original Method for High-Yield Tabletop Extraction

Whether extracting whole plants or compounds such as terpenes, Coldfinger leads the way.

Coldfinger Extraction

This is Eden Labs' proprietary distillation/extraction method. A basket of herb is suspended above a pool of solvent with an inverted condenser above it. Heat and/or vacuum is applied to vaporize the solvent which then liquefies on the condenser and drips through the herb thus extracting it. At the same time the liquid solvent is saturating and stripping the active constituents from the herb, solvent vapors are penetrating the herb making the extraction more effective. Our new and improved design allows the user to steam distill the monoterpenes or essential oils out of the herb prior to coldfinger extraction all in one basket.

Coldfinger units make it possible to extract and separate compounds like terpenes, cannabinoids, and so much more.

Tests have shown this process gives better yields than all other methods. In some cases, analysis of extracts made with this method has revealed compounds previously unknown to the material - leading researchers to conclude other methods either ignore or destroy certain constituents.

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