Commercial Vacuum Distillation

Fine liquors, herbal extraction, steam distillation, cold ethanol and solvent recovery.

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6 Methods for Extracting Botanicals.
4 Methods of Distillation.
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Available in 15, 25, 100 and 500 Gallon vats.

Coldfinger™ Extraction

Coldfinger™ extraction, the process that started it all for Eden Labs! Since 1996 Eden Labs has offered the Coldfinger™ method of whole plant extraction for a wide variety of botanicals. A modified soxhlet extraction system that can be run with or without vacuum, allowing for flexibility and control over your distillation and extract! The Coldfinger™ extraction method can also be used in conjunction with steam distillation for terpene separation.

Stirred Reactor Unit

One of the most popular methods of extraction across many industries, Eden Labs’ Stirred Reaction (or reactor if you prefer/or as some call it) allows for fast and efficient extraction of your plant material. This Equipment can be used either warm or cold to extract desired compounds and create a wide variety of end products. The unique versatility of Eden Labs Commercial Vacuum Distiller enables operator to change methods of extraction from feature to feature quickly and easily. Solvent is recaptured under vacuum, minimizing vapor and removing residual solvent from your plant material. All equipment is CA solvent emission compliant.

Vacuum Steam Distillation

Eden Labs steam distilling method stands apart from all other distillers. Our patent pending Coldfinger condenser with essential oil separator allows steam distilling to be done very gently with the water in the bottom of the distiller lightly simmering. This is important for capturing delicate flower essences. Our distiller is rated for full vacuum so that the process can be manipulated for creating steam at much lower temperatures as well.

Column Distilling

For very precise extractions of shatter grade ethanol extract, a modified percolator column is placed atop the distiller. Between the column and the top of the distiller, there is a sight glass and a ball valve. Herb is placed in the column and cold ethanol is pulled through the column with a combination of gravity and vacuum which is applied to the distiller vessel. By watching the sight glass, the operator can see when the color of the extract coming through begins to darken in color. The valve is closed at this moment leaving only the highest grade, first flush oil in the distiller.

Accelerated Solvent Recovery

The advantages to this method of distilling are that a distillation cycle can be initiated very quickly, whereas conventional distilling where the solvent vapor is drawn out of the boiler can take much longer to commence. ACS also allows distilling of liquids without reaching the boiling point of the solvent. This offers huge advantages when a solvent is being recovered from a compound that cannot be over heated.

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