Commercial Vacuum Distillation

Fine liquors, herbal extraction, steam distilling, solvent recovery, short path or molecular distilling.

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5 Methods for Extracting Botanicals. 1 Industry Leader.

Available in 25, 100 and 500 Gallon vats.

Accelerated Solvent Recovery

The advantages to this method of distilling are that a distillation cycle can be initiated very quickly, whereas conventional distilling where the solvent vapor is drawn out of the boiler can take much longer to commence. ACS also allows distilling of liquids without reaching the boiling point of the solvent. This offers huge advantages when a solvent is being recovered from a compound that cannot be over heated.

Column Distilling

Our fabrication staff is experienced in making distilling columns for the liquor industry. Other types of columns can be built to customer specifications.

Vacuum Steam Distillation

Eden Labs steam distilling method stands apart from all other distillers. Our patent pending Coldfinger condenser with essential oil separator allows steam distilling to be done very gently with the water in the bottom of the distiller lightly simmering. This is important for capturing delicate flower essences.  Our distiller is rated for full vacuum so that the process can be manipulated for creating steam at much lower temperatures as well.

Stirred Reactor Unit

This is the most widely used method of extraction across many industries.  A solid material is placed in a tank and then heated and stirred to separate the compounds that are soluble in the solvent. There are several reasons why Eden Labs stirred reactors are unique.  Our system allows the user to steam distill the material first to isolate lighter oils if desired prior to stirred reactor extraction.  The same perforated basket is used for coldfinger, steam distilling and stirred reactor and switching from one method to another is fast and efficient. Our stirred reactor is designed to comply with California solvent emission laws which limit vapors in the workplace.  After completing an extraction and pumping the extract saturated solvent out of the tank, a vacuum can be applied from the center drain pipe of the tank which pulls residual solvent out of the extracted material.  This means that when the tank is opened up, solvent vapors entering the workplace are minimized.

Coldfinger™ Extraction

Eden Labs newest design allows the operator to perform a steam distillation prior to Coldfinger distilling. This makes it possible to isolate mono terpenes, or essential oils, before the primary extraction. Steam distilling can be done at conventional atmospheric conditions or under vacuum which allows steam to be made at lower temperatures.

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