Botanical Distillation

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Fine liquors, herbal extraction, steam distilling, solvent recovery, short path or molecular distilling.

5 Methods for Extracting Botanicals. 1 Industry Leader.

Eden Labs has tirelessly worked toward developing distillation methods for botanical extraction and post-processing that yield the highest quality product while affording great versatility.


Proprietary extraction method pioneered by Eden Labs.

Coldfinger extractors use ethanol or other solvents to make very thick, full spectrum extracts of botanicals. Coldfinger extraction can be a stand alone process or it can be combined with an initial steam distilling step to isolate mono terpenes, or essential oils, before extracting the rest of the botanical constituents with Coldfinger.

Tests have shown this process gives better yields than all other methods. In some cases, analysis of extracts made with this method has revealed compounds previously unknown to the material - leading researchers to conclude other methods either ignore or destroy certain constituents.

Commercial Vacuum Distillation

METHODS Of Commerical Distillation


Accelerated Solvent Recovery

Column Distilling

Vacuum Steam Distillation

Stirred Reactor Unit

Molecular Distillation