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Certified Pre-owned 5L2K

The 5L2K Hi-Flo model is our entry-level, commercial production system that is designed to get your extraction business off the ground. The 5L2K Hi-Flo offers the producer a range of extraction parameters, while balancing the need for operational efficiency. 
ONLY $85,000 before
August 15, 2018

FX2 2x20L 2K

An all-star system with significant capacity to yield huge daily extraction results. The 2x20L2K FX2 can process up to 20 pounds of dried plant material in 4 to 6 hours.
$495,000 $455,000
Before May 15, 2018


New FX2 2x20L5K Systems available with 6-10 week lead time.


New Coldfinger Commercial Systems available with 6-week lead time.

Coldfinger™ Commercial

This 25 gallon Coldfinger™ Commercial Ethanol Extractor is available in stock. With multiple methods of extraction and distillation it is the processor's choice for making an efficient, healthy and high-quality whole plant extract at a lower cost.
Save $8000 before
June 30, 2018


New FX2 20L2K Systems available with 4-week lead time.

FX2 20L2K

The FX2 20L2K system is designed for commercial operations that want to scale up their processing and maintain product consistency. The 20L2K FX2 can process up to 10 pounds of dried plant material in 3 to 7 hours.
Save $8000 before
march 31, 2018

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