Eden Labs is mostly known throughout the botanical extraction industry for its co2 extractors which are the most reliable and maintenance free units on the market. The company was founded, however, on its “Coldfinger” extractors.

Going back to 1995, I was looking for a small herbal extractor and there was nothing on the market except the Soxhlet extractor which was used by chemists for small analytical extractions. The Soxhlet operates by distilling a solvent through a basket, or “thimble” of solid material continuously until the extraction is complete.

After studying the Soxhlet, I decided I could design something based on the same principles but with significant design changes that would make it better. The very first prototype worked as well as I could have hoped and Eden Labs was born.

The early extractors were all made of pyrex glass and were pretty small. Extractions of ¼-1 lb were the limit. Next came a stainless steel version that could do up to 20 lb. Then 80 lb and we have even built them to do 350 lb per run.

Much more recently, I realized there was a sweet spot for a Coldfinger extractor that had not been properly addressed. There are many solo herbal practitioners out there that needed an extractor that could process 3-5 lb per day of herb. This extractor needed to be sized so that one person could easily operate it and it needed to fit in a small space and have no special electrical requirements.

The Goldilocks extractor measures 16” high x by 12” diameter and sits on a commercial hotplate. It uses a lab chiller made by PolyScience and a state of the art diaphragm vacuum pump. All electrical components plug into standard 110v wall outlets. It fits on a standard lab counter or even a kitchen counter at a height that is easy to work with.

Goldilocks can perform what we refer to as a modified Soxhlet style extraction. It also can perform steam distillation of essential oils or terpenes, solvent recovery and can even be used as a small vacuum oven. All this in one unit.

Experience has shown us the Goldilocks can generate between $500.00-$5,000.00 a day depending on several factors. The $500.00 would generally represent an herbalist making bulk extracts that are wholesaled to another entity that was turning them into retail products. The $5,000.00 figure represents the income that could be generated if the herbal extracts were turned into retail products by the Goldilocks owner.

How good is the Goldilocks? Eden Labs was recently sent 10 lb of Lion’s Mane that had already been extracted with a state of the art German ultrasonic extractor. After running the spent herb through the Goldilocks, we got an additional 90 gm of dry, extract powder out of the Lion’s Mane. Goldilocks is not only the perfect size. It does a perfect job.

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