Frequently Asked Questions

How does Eden Labs service compare to competitors?

With over 24 years of innovation in botanical extraction technologies, Eden Labs has built the fastest and most efficient CO2 extraction systems on the market. Along with providing the most comprehensive customer service, we will do site visits for training, routine maintenance, repair, procedural analysis, and, of course, trouble shooting, etc. Our systems are engineered to be workhorses and rarely have mechanical issues that can't be handled over the phone with one of our very capable and friendly technicians.

I need a custom system for a specialized application. Can Eden Labs accommodate me?

Absolutely.  At Eden Labs we pride ourselves on being able to meet your specific needs and scale to the growth of your business.  Your organization can collaborate directly with our engineering and R&D team to build the exact system for your application.

How will I learn to use my system?

With the purchase of an Eden Labs Hi-Flo and Hi-Flo FX2 CO2 systems, we include a hands-on two-day training for up to four (4) people at our facility in Seattle – that’s a $3600 value! An Eden Labs trainer can also travel to your location for an additional fee.

What is the best solvent to use?

Most herbs are best extracted with a 50-50 mix of ethanol and water or vodka. In some cases, a desired constituent is not soluble in alcohol or water and must be extracted in a more sophisticated solvent like chloroform or ether. If that is the case, you will need one of the Professional units that seal so solvent vapors don't escape. Carbon dioxide is also an ideal solvent because it has different solvent properties at different pressures and temperatures while not leaving trace residuals in the final product.

Supercritical CO2

Why use Supercritical CO2?

CO2 by itself is not a strong solvent, but, by putting it under pressure and adding some heat, it extracts an incredibly rich, concentrated and toxin free product. This makes for a safer work environment and a healthier end product. Many of the companies we work with in the flavoring and nutraceuticals industry tout the fact that their product is produced with Supercritical CO2 extraction as an effective marketing tool. Consumers are becoming more conscious of how products are prepared and what is in them.

What will the yield be using Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE)?

This depends on the material being extracted and the protocols being used. Generally, CO2 is used to extract oil, so the more resinous your material is, the better your yields will be.  We have experience with a wide variety of botanicals and the parameters needed to get the best results.

What kind of routine maintenance do supercritical systems require?

Our systems can run continuously with little maintenance. The materials which run through the vessel are soluble, so almost no cleaning is required. For example, when using the system to extract new materials, the only maintenance required is to run the system while it is empty in order to clean it out. If you need to be certain there are no residuals, you flush the system with ethanol.  Minimal maintenance required consists of cleaning the filter behind the pump, testing the relief valves, monitoring compressor oil levels, and occasionally replacing gaskets and O-rings. To keep you and your business consistently running, routine maintenance will be taught during your training.

What is included in the cost of the system?

Included in the cost of the system is an extraction system, a chiller, an air compressor, and two days of Eden Labs' onsite hands-on training on your machine, two-hours of telephone support, three year warranty and certification, as required.

What’s the ideal environment to operate the system?

Maximum environmental temperature should be about 22°C / 72°F. Humidity should be in the range of 30%-60%. You will want 10 - 15 air exchanges per hour or as required by regulation. For ventilation, you will want enough to sufficiently remove gases released from vent points on the Hi-Flo system.

How should I prep the plant material?

As dry as possible, a fine grind, with a light pack is best used in the extraction vessel. View some grind recommendations on the Eden Labs Extraction Forum here.

Coldfinger™ Ethanol Extraction

Will heat damage my herbal extract?

Different herbs have varying sensitivities to heat. It is usually good to have some heat when processing herbs. Moderation is the key. Temperature ranges from 100-150 degrees Fahrenheit are usually ideal. All of Eden Labs equipment will operate in this temperature range and more. Many herbalists believe that herbs should be extracted at room temperature. If you want to follow this rule, a cold percolation unit, the Professional Round Bottom unit, or a mixing tank is the way to go.

How are solvents removed from the extract when using the Coldfinger™ system?

Solvents are distilled (removed) generally by one of the following manners: under gentle heat; gentle heat and vacuum; just vacuum if no heat is desired. This can be done because your solvents have a much lower boiling point than your extract. Therefore, when heat or vacuum is applied to the extract-infused solvent, the solvent begins to vaporize and rise out of the extract whereby it is collected into another vessel.