We Build Botanical Extraction & Distillation Equipment for Fast Runs and High Yields.

Trusted Botanical Extraction
& Distillation Equipment
for Fast Runs and High Yields.

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Hi-Flo CO2 Extraction
Hi-Flo CO2 Extraction
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CO2 Extraction

High-Yield CO2 Extraction

The Hi-Flo CO2 extraction systems set the standard for output, dependability and ease-of-use. 21 years of persistence and dedication has led to the industry's most-trusted system for botanical extraction and whole plant medicine. CO2 extraction is safe, effective and versatile.

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Hi-Flo CO2 Extraction

Botanical Ethanol Extraction

The Coldfinger™ Extraction process fueled the launch of Eden Labs and set a new standard for processing yields. Since introduction, we have continuously advanced methods of steam distillation, molecular distillation, column distillation and solvent recovery. Explore our Commercial and Professional lines of Coldfinger Extraction Technology.

Botanical Distillation equipment
Ethanol Extraction

Superior Material Specification and Productivity

20-Year History of Customer Success Built on Superior Engineering

Components UL Listed for National Safety Standards

ASME-Certified Manufacturing of Vessels

All CO2 and Ethanol Systems Include a 3-Year Warranty

UL Listed extraction equipment
asme certified
co2 extraction equipment warranty

FROM LEading Extractors

As a Washington State toll processor, it is very important that the extraction equipment we use is exceptionally reliable, protects the material, and creates quality product. Eden Labs CO2 systems are the only way to go. It is scalable which has allowed my business to grow along with my satisfied clients.
Mark G.
Lead Processor
Toll Processor


The Trusted Name in High-Performing
Botanical Extraction and Distillation Equipment.