Eden Labs

By AC Braddock, CEO

Extraction and Distillation for the health of the world.

A lofty goal, but something we can say we have made a significant contribution to. Our health depends on what we consume, how it is prepared for our consumption and the environment. Eden is a modern, ethnobotanical based company that continually innovates efficient systems for the highest purity and quality products.

Our focus since 1994 has been unlocking the constituents from botanicals that have been shown to have positive effects on human wellness whether by clinical trial or through a plant's use in human history and integrative medicine.

Being focused on pure medical or nutritional extracts goes hand in hand with environmental remediation and stewardship.  

The company was founded from an intense curiosity on the effects of botanicals on human health and wellbeing.

In creating pure, whole plant concentrates several other factors come into play;  How was this plant grown? Organically? Sustainably? Handled post harvest? How and with what were the constituents extracted? Is the extraction process safe and healthy for the operator and the consumer?  How do we educate the consumer to be more aware of these crucial elements in what goes into your system?

AC Braddock

CEO, Eden Labs LLC