Extraction Methods

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Coldfinger™ enables hemb extraction, herbal extraction, fine liquor distillation, steam distillation, cold ethanol, cryo-ethanol and solvent recovery.

ethanol extraction Methods

Warm Wash Ethanol
This is the original Eden Labs extraction method known as “Coldfinger” extraction. A basket of herb is suspended beneath an inverted condenser which is designed to have multiple drip points so that condensed solvent rains evenly across the basket for even extraction. Solvent is placed in the bottom of the distiller and is vaporized through heat and/or vacuum. The vapors liquefy on the condenser and drip through the basket of herb which washes the desired constituents in to the bottom of the distiller. This method has been proven in University experiments to be the most thorough extraction method available.
Cold Wash Ethanol (Cryo-ethanol)
Ideal for Hemp Extraction!
This method can be used to jumpstart the Coldfinger method or be used as its own extraction method. A spray head is attached to the bottom of the Coldfinger condenser and is connected to a pumping system. Solvent is sprayed across the basket of herb which quickly soaks through carrying extract to the bottom of the distiller much like a conventional coffee maker. This method can be done cold for isolating specific oils or hot for more aggressive extractions. Follow this up with Coldfinger method for a rapid and complete harvest of active constituents.
Stirred Reactor
This is the oldest and most common method of botanical extraction.  A pot of herbs in liquid is stirred and heated to release the chemicals in the plant material.  Eden Labs method is unique in that herb is held in a basket allowing for easy and complete separation of plant and liquid.  Finished extract is pumped out of tank leaving spent plant material behind.  Heat and vacuum can be applied to basket to dry botanical before opening distiller so that no solvent vapors are released into workplace.
Another ancient method of extraction.  Herb is placed in a column and solvent is allowed to slowly percolate through the herb using gravity to move it.  Eden Labs method allows for more versatility as gravity feed can be enhanced through vacuum to draw solvent more quickly through percolator.  An integrated valve and sight glass allows the operator to monitor color changes as the liquid flows through.  The valve allows for stopping to separate  fractions which are differentiated by viewing the sightglass.

ethanol Distillation Methods

Steam Distillation
This is one more ancient methodology that Eden Labs has enhanced to bring up to modern standards.  The basic method is to pass steam through a basket of herb which releases only mono terpenes or essential oils.  Eden Labs has added vacuum capability to reduce thermal degradation of oils by lowering the boiling point of the water.
Solvent Recovery
Incorporating a falling film evaporation system into the distiller allows for rapid recovery of solvents from extracts.
Spirits Distilling
Eden Labs distillers can be configured for traditional pot distilling or column distilling for high proof spirits.  With the addition of vacuum, delicate components can be preserved due to lower boiling point temperatures.
Ethanol Extraction Methods

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